98th Sweepstakes Official Prizelist


Prize Group 1$500,000 Super Grand Prize$500,000
 $50,000 Early Bird Bonus$50,000
 $10,000 Second Prize$10,000
 $5,000 Third Prize$5,000
 AU/NZ: 1,700 Citizen watches valued at $150 each$255,000
Prize Group 2$75,000 Lucky Number Giveaway$75,000
Prize Group 3$100,000 Thank you Prize$100,000
 $20,000 Customer Appreciation Bonus$20,000
Prize Group 4$25,000 Chairman’s Award$25,000
Prize Group 5

$20,000 Advance Windfall

Close date: 13th March 2009
Draw date: 23rd March 2009
Publish AU: 27th March 2009
Publish NZ: 29th March 2009

$10,000 Fast Fortune

Close date: 12th June 2009
Draw date: 22nd June 2009
Publish date AU: 26th June 2009
Publish date NZ: 28th June 2009

$10,000 Early Bounty

Close date: 11th September 2009
Draw date: 21st September 2009
Publish AU: 25th September 2009
Publish NZ: 27th September 2009

$20,000 Rapid Payout

Close date: 13th November 2009
Draw date: 23rd November 2009
Publish AU: 27th November 2009
Publish NZ: 29th November 2009

 TOTAL VALUEAU$1,100,000


Grand Prize options $500,000 cash or annuity options.
Promotion opens: 22nd December 2008
and closes: 11th December 2009.
Drawn: 18th December 2009.
Publish AU: 21st December 2009.
Publish NZ: 27th December 2009.
Eligibility for all prizes in the 98th Sweepstakes is dependent upon replying in accordance with conditions specified in the promotion.



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