Bonding different materials

Usually sold in 300ml cartridges to use with a caulking gun, construction adhesives are heavy-duty formulations that create a strong permanent bond.They’re often used for big projects like building decks and retaining walls.
1 MULTIPURPOSE To attach steel, metal, aluminium, masonry, timber and plastics. Sika SikaBond Multipurpose Construction Adhesive.
2 SLOW DRYING For material that needs to be worked into position, use a bond that’s repositionable for up to 20 minutes. Parfix Maxi Nails Construction Adhesive.
3 FLOORING Join strip flooring, fibre cement and plywood to joists and wall panels using rubber based adhesive. Fuller Max Bond Construction Adhesive.
4 WALL TRIM Join architraves and plasterboard to masonry with a solvent based bond. Selleys Liquid Nails Clear Construction Adhesive.
5 PANELLING For jobs like attaching flooring and wall panelling use a fast-acting adhesive. Bostik Zero Nails Construction Adhesive.
6 FAST GRAB Attach polystyrene to ceilings and panelling to walls with a product that grabs fast to minimise slippage. Selleys Liquid Nails Fast Construction Adhesive.
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