Build a Leopold bench

This classic outdoor Leopold bench costs only $50 to build. 

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DIY - $50 
Skill - 1/5
Time - A few hours
This bench is based on author and ecologist Aldo Leopold's classic 1940s design, requiring just six metres of 190 x 19mm decay-resistant light ogranic solvent preservative-treated (LOSP) pine and galvanised screws.
It costs less than $50 and only takes a few hours to build. You could also use hardwood or Western red cedar. If the timber thickness varies modify the seat length and screw size.
1. Set up a sliding compound mitresaw, adjusting the base plate to 22.5º. Position the timber to cut the legs, making the same cut five times to get the four legs. 
2. Position the sides as mirror images, clamping the seat and back pieces to a workbench for alignment. Drill pilot holes for the screws uing a countersink bit to avoid splitting the timber and secure the legs with four 30mm x 8g galvanised timber screws and construction adhesive.
3. Stand the sides parallel, positioning the seat on the shorter back legs, securing with galvanised 65mm x 10g decking screws.  
TIP: Finish with a coat of exterior oil, stain or exterior paint.  
Back legs 440 x 190 x 19 2
Front legs 915 x 190 x 19 2
Seat 1112 x 190 x 19 2
Back 1150 x 190 x 19 1
Leopold bench
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