Great ideas for Christmas stocking fillers

 Here’s a little help to get those stocking trinkets the attention they deserve.

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You’ve put together a dazzling assortment of the perfect holiday gifts for family and friends. Hooray! But, you left the “stocking stuffers” to the last minute and now you are plumb out of creative ideas. It happens. Here’s a little help to get those stocking trinkets the attention they deserve. No stockings to stuff? Our suggestions make perfect Secret Santa gifts too!
• Embrace whimsy! Surprise the adults with a meaningful nod to the past: a Slinky, favorite candy from their childhood, a retro cartoon t-shirt, a vintage Coca-Cola bottle opener, Silly Putty. You get the idea!
• Indulge their habits! Only their good habits of course (wink, wink)! You can make an entire theme based on fitness, gardening, reading, cooking – whatever their hobby, you can find tons of small-sized and inexpensive items to fill up the stocking. A gift card to a specialty store can help out in a pinch if you run out of ideas.
• Kids! Make the stocking extra special, and wrap as many of the little gifts and pieces of their favourite lollies as possible. Really! Use the small scraps from wrapping the big presents (you know that you keep them and never have a use for them!)
• Teens! They may act like they are too big to “ooh” and “ahh” over their stockings, but they aren’t! Go for the quirky, yet practical items that will take them by surprise. A cute USB drive in cartoon or animal shapes…organic lip balm with an exotic flavor…a photo keychain preloaded with their photos…fun socks or boxers…wacky MP3 player accessories…favorite holiday shows on DVD (We know they still want to watch them!)
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