Three Veg and Meat book competition

More veg, less meat; flip the balance on your plate...

Welcome to a new way of eating! Three Veg and Meat is the failsafe family-friendly meal plan that makes veg the hero, for those scaling back but not cutting out meat altogether.

We all know we should be eating about 5 – 6 serves of vegetables every day, but sometimes we prefer burgers, nachos and chicken schnitzel to salad. So how do we get the dietary balance right without sacrificing flavour? Olivia Andrews has taken all your favourite dishes and magically flipped the balance to more veg and less meat. In Three Veg and Meat you’ll find 120+ family favourite recipes and ‘junk food’ classics transformed, all made healthy by adding more veg to the plate. There is something for everyone, whether you are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, an omnivore, or prefer to eat dairy of gluten-free.

To make it even easier to get more peas and corn on your fork, there’s also a 4-week meal plan and tips for feeding the fussiest of families, so you can keep your vegetarians and meat-eaters happy.

Try the Butternut chicken, Quick 'roast' pork dinner, Fit-for-an-army eggplant parmi, Change-your-life chicken nuggets, Amen for my ramen, New sausage rolls and Better chocolate brownies, and you won't ever want to flip back!

Find out more about the book here and to mark the book's release, we've got TEN COPIES of Three Veg and Meat to give away! To enter, simply answer the question below. Good luck!

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