Product Information

  • What is Reader's Digest Select Editions?

    Select Editions are a series of condensed books published by Reader's Digest. Each Select Editions volume contains four of today's best-selling fiction authors skilfully edited and bound into one attractive book. Reader's Digest editors hand-select only the best of today's most popular novels by the hottest storytellers from around the world. Authors include names you know, such as John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark, Lee Child and Nicholas Sparks, as well as exciting new discoveries like Joseph Finder and Australian novelist Rachael Treasure.

    Better yet, each Select Editions volume saves you money off the price of the original publishers' editions of the books it contains. So you get only the best and save money at the same time!

  • What are Reader's Digest Encounters?

    Encounters are series of condensed books published by Reader's Digest. Each Encounters volume contains three of today's most up-to-date non-fiction stories about real life people and events. The stories have been skilfully edited, illustrated with colour photographs and bound into one striking hardcover book to bring the secrets, wisdom and amazing truths about other people's lives into your home.The editors at Reader's Digest hand-select the most fascinating of today's unforgettable true stories from Australia, New Zealand and overseas, with memoirs, adventure, true crime, behind-the-headlines, touching stories about nature—and human nature—that will surprise and move you

  • How many volumes are there in the series?

    Our Select Editions and Encounters series books are on-going and may be stopped and re-started at your own discretion. We release new volumes of each series every 6-8 weeks for your reading enjoyment. Our Music series are usually limited to a maximum of 12 volumes compiled thematically for your listening pleasure.

  • I belong to one of your book or music series. How many times a year will I receive new products in this series?

    Shipping frequency can vary, but typically customers receive 5 to 6 shipments per year. Therefore, you may expect a new product approximately every other month. Reader's Digest offers several different series of products that consist of books and musical selections that we send to our subscribing customers on an ongoing basis. The series are usually linked thematically. For example, Select Editions contains popular fiction stories while Encounters consists of real to life, non-fiction stories.

  • Please tell me about Handyman magazine.

    The Handyman magazine is an exciting magazine full of handy hints and tips and relevant information to assist you with your projects around the home.

  • How often will I receive issues of the Handyman Magazine?

    We publish 11 issues of the Handyman Magazine annually which are sent to you monthly, with the exception of December/January which is a double issue. Subscriptions run for a term of 10 Issues. If you'd like to order Australian Handyman magazine click here You should receive each new issue just before, or, just after each new month commences