Building a new deck roof

Facing north with views towards the ocean this large outdoor balcony-style area provided for scenic entertaining although it lacked protection from the elements. So plans were submitted and approved by council for a skillion roof over the 5 x 6m blackbutt timber deck.

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 Although the bill came to $9000 the revived area is now valued at almost three times the outlay.
The new roof was to be supported on three timber posts and the top plate of the house wall connected with 240 x 65mm laminated veneer lumber LVL) beams to carry the weight of the joists, battens and Colorbond metal roof.
Insulation was installed over the frame before the metal roofing was secured.
For the ceiling, exterior fibre cement (FC) sheeting was secured to the base of the joists and lights professionally installed.
Existing stainless steel wire balustrades were removed and repositioned between the new posts.
1. Attaching posts and beams
The existing balustrade, three rows of roof tiles and sarking were removed so the ends of the rafters could be cut to make room for the posts and beams.
Square holes were cut in the decking so the posts could be positioned on the joists underneath, with housings cut into the base. More
housings were cut at the top of the posts to hold the beams, with holes made for the handrails. They were then plumbed using a spirit level and braced then secured under the deck.
Front beams were secured at the top with galvanised cuphead bolts and side beams held with bugle head screws. Against the house, the beams were secured to the top plate with nails using a framing gun.
Lead fl ashing was installed over the roof tiles and up the sides of the beams. A timber offcut was tapped to make it fit the profile of the tiles then it was covered with FC eave sheeting and secured using clouts.
2. Building the framework
Building the framework took about a day and a half day to complete.
From the house, Hyjoist I-beams were positioned with 200mm crossfall to the front to create the pitch of the roof. A bulkhead was built over the French doors, supported by brickwork on either side, secured to the joists and later clad with FC sheeting.
A stringline was set between the side beams for blocking to be cut and fitted, securing on alternating stringline with framing nails.
Intersecting straps of galvanised hoop iron were secured between opposite corners then tightened with strap tensioners and secured to the joists with clouts. Battens were then secured to the joists.
Fascia cladding
Blackbutt decking boards were cut to fit over the beams, with the joints mitred and a clear finish applied.
The guttering was secured with a fall to the spout then end caps and a downpipe were fitted.
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