Tips for gardening flowers and bulbs in January

 How to grow, and care for flowering plants in January according to climate.
Cool temperate
• Disbud dahlias as needed.
•Tie in or support tall plants.
• Achilleas, delphiniums, lupins, pelargoniums and Salvia x superba can flower again if they are cut back after flowering.
• Sow ageratum, alyssum, cyclamen, forget-me-not, French marigolds, Iceland poppies, lupins, pansies, primulas, schizanthus, stock and Swan River daisies.

Warm temperate
• Water, fertilise and mulch plants.
• Powdery mildew could attack zinnias and dahlias.
• Sow calceolaria, calendula, cinerarias, cyclamen, French marigolds, Iceland poppies, pansies, polyanthus, schizanthus, stocks, sweet peas and wallflowers now and through autumn.
• Take cuttings of perennials.
• Layer border carnations.

• Water and feed all flowering plants and deadhead regularly.
• Mulch all plants well after rain or a good watering. Mix water-storing granules into soil around roots to help provide a reserve of moisture.
• Plant out heat-loving annuals such as African marigolds and zinnias.
• Sow cooler-season annuals for winter and spring flowering.
• Choose tough plants for hot wet conditions – these include celosia, portulaca and verbena.
• Sow ageratum, coleus, impatiens, marigolds, salvia, sunflowers, torenia and zinnias.
• Grow Abelmoschus manihot from seed.
• Establish ferns and orchids such as Phalaenopsis.
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