Healthy Eating Throughout Ramadan: What You Need To Know

What should you eat for your pre-dawn Ramadan meal, or Suhoor, in order to have sustained energy throughout the day?

Healthy Foods for Fasting
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Muslims around the world are now observing the month of Ramadan.

During this time, they have to refrain from eating and drinking from dawn till dusk daily, until Eid al-Fitr comes along on June 15.

This act of sacrifice is a way to draw believers closer to God, and it’s also a time to remember the sufferings of those less fortunate who may often go hungry.
Before the start of the fast every morning, Muslims will eat a pre-dawn meal called suhoor.

As it’s the only meal they’ll have for some 14 hours, it’s important to have something well-balanced that will provide sustained energy throughout the day.

Here are some foods to load up on, and some to avoid:

1. Lots of fibre
1. Lots of fibre
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Foods that have a lot of fibre, such as fruits and vegetables, will leave you feeling full for longer.

They are also rich in vitamins and minerals, and will help prevent constipation.

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