High-tech families pack more into life

How many activities can your family pack into one day?  

Because of the high incidence of multitasking and the availability of e-mail and mobile phones, the average family now squeezes almost 43 hours of activity out of 24, according to interviews with 4780 people.

The breakdown:

7.9 HOURS with technology (18%) – instant messaging, landline phone, mobile phone, SMS, MP3 player, online/console games, PDA, online journals/blogs, listening to music, e-mailing, going to movies.

8.7 HOURS with media (20%) – 3.6 hours internet; 2.5 hours TV; 1.3 hours radio; 0.7 hours newspaper; 0.6 hours magazine.

20.3 HOURS spent on essentials (47%) – 7.1 hours sleeping; 1.2 hours commuting; 6.4 hours working; 2.7 hours school; 2.9 hours chores, errands, cooking, cleaning.

6 HOURS with family and friends (14%) – 4.5 hours with family; 1.5 hours with friends.

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