How do the Sweepstakes work and how do I enter?

This is an overview of how Reader's Digest Sweepstakes works and instruction on how to enter.

Entry to the Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes is by invitation. Each time you receive a promotional offer from Reader’s Digest, either by mail or by e-mail, you will be invited to enter the Sweepstakes and will be allocated Sweepstakes prize draw numbers.

Every invitation you receive is a stand-alone chance to enter the Sweepstakes. This means that each time you respond, you actually increase the prize numbers registered in your name for the draw - and your chances to win. If you throw away or ignore your Sweepstakes entry documents, it means that someone else will definitely win!

You must follow all instructions carefully to make sure your Sweepstakes entry is valid. In some cases where it will not be necessary to return an entry form in order to participate, specific mention will be made of that fact in the promotional material.

Only entries received before the Sweepstakes closing date are eligible for the draw. You must also be an Australian or New Zealand resident aged 18 and over to enter the Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes.

If you would like to sign up to receive Sweepstakes invitations and product offers from Reader’s Digest, please enter your details in the form below.

Who knows, the next big winner of a Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes prize draw could be you!

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Home Hints & Tips Tested Through the Years
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