How to build a Rabbit Hutch

Build a safe, comfortable home for pet bunnies
Build a safe, comfortable home for pet bunnies.

Download How to Build a Rabbit Hutch Project PDF.

The frame is made from 42 x 19mm pine, with cladding, fl ooring and internal dividers cut from a single sheet of 12mm external-grade plywood, and 12.7mm2 aviary mesh on the sides, back and front. Use galvanised fasteners and exterior-grade adhesive. Finish with Dulux Weathershield acrylic paint and Intergrain Exterior Ultraclear sealer that contains less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for a healthy pet environment.



Assemble the frames
Set a dropsaw to 15º to cut the rafters and top of the side frames. Assemble the frames, drill 4mm holes, secure with adhesive and 75mm x 10g screws. Position front and side frames, drill holes and counterbore, secure with adhesive and 40mm x 8g screws


Attach the stretchers
Secure stretchers at the back between the rear uprights at the top, base and in the middle 579mm from the base. Secure the other stretcher at the front, 579mm from the base, behind the join of the front frames. Add the rear divider at the back.


Install the floor
Apply two coats of exterior paint to all exposed surfaces of the frame, including the doors. Cut notches into the corners of the fl oor to fi t around the uprights, positioning it within the frame and securing with 40mm x 8g screws.


Cut the openings
Mark openings in the fl oor 400mm long by 200mm wide, and the partition wall 260mm long by 160mm wide, drawing around a paint can to make an arch at the top of the opening and the right side of the fl oor, then cut with a jigsaw.


Fit the walls
Cut the partition top and nest walls at 15º and notch the corners of the nest wall. Secure the rear panel using 25mm screws, and the wall to the side frame horizontals and rafters with adhesive and 25mm screws.


Add the partition
Attach 42 x 19mm cleats to the partition wall then secure it to the vertical frame dividers with screws. Secure 42 x 19mm skirting along the rear wall of the landing and nest box, applying adhesive to the inside and 25mm screws through the rear panel.


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