How to insulate a ceiling

If the ceiling space is used only for storage then insulate the floor. But if it has been turned into a room or if you plan to convert it into a room – insulate the roof slope.
If you put down flooring-grade particle board after you have insulated between the joists, you will have a useful storage area. But remember the joists are only ceiling joists for the room below, not floor joists, so you cannot use the space as a room or store anything heavy there.

Before you start: Clear the floor space as much as possible and vacuum-clean the loft. At the same time, check for termites or rot, and, if necessary, call in a specialist contractor to treat any problems. If the ceiling space has no light, connect an inspection lamp to a socket downstairs. A torch will not give enough light.

Fixing a vapour barrier on the floor

Tools: Scissors.

Materials: Rolls of reflective foil building paper or sheets of polythene; masking tape.
Cut the material with scissors so that it is about 50–75mm wider than the gap between the joists.
Lay the material in the gap. Remember that reflective foil paper must be laid foil-side down.
  STEP 3
Seal any overlaps in the material with 50mm masking tape. While sealing with tape will help to increase the effectiveness of insulation, in most cases, foil is laid directly onto the ceiling.
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