Laying Sheet Vinyl without a Seam

Most rooms can be covered with a single, seamless sheet of vinyl. This gives a neat finish, but it is hard to lay. The size of the sheet makes it cumbersome and very heavy, so you will need a helper. Trimming it to the wall also requires greater skill.

What you'll need

  • Pencil
  • Straightedge
  • Small block of wood
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Soft broom

Before you start
Work out how much vinyl you will need. To make laying as easy as possible, the sheet should be about 100mm wider than the floor on every edge – that is 200mm wider than the room in both directions. Ask your supplier to cut it to the required length and width.

Lay the sheet of vinyl flat, then re-roll it so that the shorter dimension becomes the length of the roll. This makes it easier to get into the room. Roll it with the decorative side inwards; this is the way you will need it when laying starts.

Keep the roll in the room where it will eventually be laid for two days to reach room temperature. Have the heating on in the room in cold weather, or the vinyl will be stiff and awkward to handle.

Unroll the vinyl. This is hard work, and you will need help. make sure that the longer side of the vinyl runs along the longer wall.

If the flooring has a pronounced pattern, adjust it so that pattern lines look to be at right angles to the wall containing the doorway by which you will most often enter the room. Sight it by eye. If it looks right, it is right.


For laying, the vinyl must be absolutely flat on the floor. You can ensure this by sweeping over it with a soft broom.


To fit the vinyl into an alcove, such as beside a chimney breast, get your helper to hold it while you make a cut running parallel to the side of the alcove. Take care to leave about 50mm surplus against each wall for final trimming.


Lay the material on the alcove floor, lapping up against the three sides, then cut off the excess riding up the chimney breast. Again, leave about 50mm surplus against the wall for trimming.


To fit into corners, cut off a small triangle at the corner of the vinyl. When you push the vinyl down to the floor it will form a V, allowing it to hug the skirting. Be careful not to remove too much. First remove a triangle that is obviously too small, then take off more small strips until the vinyl is flush in the corner

Trimming to Fit

1. To trim to the wall, first run your knife (using the hooked blade) along the vinyl lapping up the wall, taking off the excess so about 25mm remain.

2. Push the vinyl firmly against the skirting board with a small block of wood.

3. Place the point of the knife on the vinyl exactly where the skirting board meets the floor, and run it along the skirting with the blade at 45° to the wall. This will trim the material to fit neatly against the skirting.

4. To cut around a door frame, make a series of vertical cuts to the point where the vinyl meets the floor, then press it into the angle between door frame and floor. Trim off the excess. In the doorway, cut the vinyl so it ends halfway under the door.

5. When the vinyl has been laid, stick it to the floor, unless it is the ‘stay-flat’ type and does not need sticking. Glue cushioned vinyls round the edges only. Non-cushioned types should be stuck down all over.

6. Roll back the sheet over half the room, measure and mark a chalk line on the floor at the centre of the room, spread the adhesive to the line and perimeter walls and wait for it to become tacky.

7. Replace the sheet and press it down with the broom, starting at the centre and working to the outside to remove any air bubbles. Then glue the other half of the room and repeat the process.

8. Finish a doorway with metal cover strip.

TIP: Trimming vinyl that is bent up a wall is not easy and takes practice. Obtain some offcuts and work on these until you get the knack. After pressing the vinyl against the wall with a block of wood, it may help to hold a metal straightedge as close to the wall as possible while you cut. Make sure the knife cuts away from the hand holding the straightedge, so if it slips you won’t injure yourself.

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