How to use natural light

Maximising your use of natural light will save on lighting bills, warm your home and help eliminate germs and dust mites.

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● Paint interior walls in pale shades and use mirrors to reflect natural light, particularly in dark rooms.

● On bright, sunny days (that aren’t too hot) open blinds and curtains to admit as much light as possible.

● If your house is especially dark, think about installing large windows on the north side of the house, or even French doors. Make windows taller rather than wider, to admit more light.

● Situate work areas, such as desks and kitchen sinks and benches, close to sources of natural light.

● Consider installing skylights in dark corners such as hallways or small rooms with no windows.To minimise heat flow, make sure they are covered at night and shaded at midday in summer.

● A cheap and effective alternative to a skylight is a sky tube or solar tube (pictured above). It concentrates and reflects natural light through a diffuser into the room below. The light generated is the equivalent of a 100-watt bulb.A sky tube loses less heat than a skylight and can be fitted with an exhaust fan as well as a light for night-time.
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