What your husband really wants for Christmas

 Not sure what to give your hubby this holiday season? We’ve all been there (he can only have so many cologne sets and colourful ties!). Here are some creative ways to show him that you care this Christmas.

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 “The Athletic” Husband
If there’s an active man in your life, chances are he’d enjoy some music to keep him motivated! Consider getting him a small MP3 player preloaded with some of his favorite tunes. Throw in an arm-band case and some cordless headphones to ensure the perfect workout experience! If he prefers working out in the comfort of your home, give him a set of free weights or a pull-up bar – there’s nothing wrong with promoting good health and a muscular body, right?!
“The Fan” Husband
Surprise your hubby and help him cheer on his favorite team. You can’t go wrong with a sweatshirt or hat proclaiming his loyalty, but you can be a bit more clever and show him how thoughtful you are. Consider personalised boots, tennis balls or match programmes. He’ll love an ice cube tray that produces perfectly round ice golf balls. Or do some sleuthing on his team’s website for anniversary or championship season DVDs. Go Team!
“The Digital” Husband
He loves electronic gadgets, and fortunately every year there’s an opportunity to upgrade what he already has or get him something brand new. Think beyond the gadgets! How about a charging station for all his electronics? Or a Gadget Bag to carry everything from smart phone to MP3 player to all those pesky cords. You could also load up the bag with a brand-new device!
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