Australia's Most Trusted Professions 2013

Once again, it’s the professions that are dependable, honest and reliable that have earned our trust 

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This year, the top place is shared jointly between firefighters and paramedics. Firefighters, in the words of one poll participant from Queensland, are worthy of our trust because, “Anyone running into a burning building when everybody else is running out deserves your full trust.” The nation’s paramedics are similarly unflappable. “They have the most responsible job of all to do, saving lives first hand,” comments a poll participant from South Australia.

1. Firefighters
1. Paramedics
3. Rescue volunteers
4. Nurses
5. Pilots
6. Doctors
7. Pharmacists
8. Veterinarians
9. Air traffic controllers
10. Farmers
11. Scientists
12. Armed Forces personnel
13. Police
14. Dentists
15. Teachers
16. Childcare workers
17. Flight attendants
18. Bus/Train/Tram drivers
19. Locksmiths
20. Hairdressers
21. Postal workers
22. Waiters
23. Computer technicians
24. Security guards
25. Cleaners
26. Builders
27. Alternative health practitioners
28. Plumbers
29. Mechanics
30. Accountants
31. Shop assistants
32. Truck drivers
33. Charity collectors
34. Professional sportspeople
35. Bankers
36. Financial planners
37. Airport baggage handlers
38. Clergy (all religions)
39. Lawyers
40. Tow-truck drivers
41. CEOs
42. Taxi drivers
43. Journalists
44. Talkback radio hosts
45. Real estate agents
46. Sex workers
47. Call centre staff
48. Insurance salespeople
49. Politicians
50. Door-to-door salespeople
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