4 Hacks To Clean and Store Antique Clothing

Cleaning antique clothing is an exercise in avoiding modern conveniences, which are generally too harsh for fragile fabrics. This is easy-does-it handwork.

Cleaning Antique Clothing

Got a cherished hand-me-down or op shop find you need to get up to scratch?

We've outline the rules of the game when it comes to cleaning antique clothing. 

The safest way to clean fragile garments
The safest way to clean fragile garments

The safest way to clean fragile garments is to give them a sponge bath.

But before you start, fix any tears in the fabric - otherwise the stress of cleaning will make matters worse.

Then mix a squirt of mild detergent in 4 litres of water and dab the solution on gently with a sponge.

Rinse by sponging on clean water.

Try not to get the garment sopping wet.

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