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How can I update my mailing address details with Reader's Digest?
To update your address please send us an email. Please include both your old and new address details, your name and account number.
How can I subscribe to Reader's Digest Magazine or Australian Handyman Magazine?
To subscribe to magazine please click here to visit our online store
Am I able to give Reader's Digest Magazine or Australian Handyman to someone else as a gift?
To order a gift subscription, please click here to visit our online store.
How do I order Select Editions?
To order our Select Editions series please send us an email
How do I order Encounters?
To order our Encounters series please send us an email
How can I order online from Reader's Digest?
Simply go to our on-line store Reader's Digest Direct and make your selection from the wonderful products we currently have on offer.
When will I have to make payment for my order?
If you are ordering from us for the first time on-line then you will need to pay upfront with your credit card when you place the order. Existing Customers are able to order without payment and take advantage of our pay later interest free instalment option.
I just ordered a subscription to the Reader's Digest/Australian Handyman Magazine. When will I receive my first copy?
You can expect delivery of your first Magazine within 2 weeks of us processing your request. After this, your monthly edition should arrive just before, or just after each new month commences.
Can I order Back Issues of the Reader's Digest Magazine?
Unfortunately we are unable to supply back issues of the Reader's Digest Magazine.
How can I find out when my current subscription will expire?
To find out when you subscription expires, please send us an email. Please indicate if you would like to cancel when your subscription ends or if you would like to cancel immediately.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You may submit your cancel request by sending us an email. Please indicate if you would like to cancel when your subscription ends or if you would like to cancel immediately.
You may also cancel by calling us at 1300 300 030
How will I be billed for Select Editions/Encounters?
A bill will be sent to you with each new shipment. If you would like to pay for your most recent volume please click here.
I have not received my current magazine issue. How can I get a replacement for this missing issue?
If it is after the 6th of the month and you still haven't received the current issue, please email us for a replacement copy.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of replacements.
I am receiving duplicate issues of the Magazine. How can I correct this situation?
There are either two accounts in your name or two accounts exist for your household. We will be happy to combine the two accounts into one and extend your Magazine subscription accordingly.
You may request that we combine your subscriptions by sending us an email. If you know your two account numbers, please indicate your account numbers with your request. Since labels are printed in advance, you will receive duplicate issues for the next month or two. We hope you'll share the extra copy with a friend or relative who might enjoy it!
You may also resolve this by calling us at 1300 300 030
Is Reader's Digest available in Large Print?
Yes – Reader's Digest US Edition is printed in Large Print. We are able to order this for you to do so please send your complete name and address information including a phone number (and in the case of a gift subscription the details of your intended recipient) along with your cheque or money order payable to Reader's Digest. Our mailing address is
Reader's Digest Large Print PO Box 4353 Sydney, NSW, 2001
Please be advised it will take up to three months for the first issue to arrive.
What other languages is the Reader's Digest Magazine available in?
The Reader's Digest is available in the following languages:
Can I order the Reader's Digest in another language for myself, or to give as a gift to someone abroad?
Sorry, we do not offer a service that allows for subscriptions to a foreign Edition as not all offices send their magazine overseas.
To find out if overseas subscriptions are available please visit http://www.rd.com and follow the links to the country page for the edition you wish to receive.
What is the delivery costs involved with purchasing from Reader's Digest?
We charge $7.99 for delivery of one product or $9.99 for 2 or more items that are ordered at the same time.
When will I receive the book, video or music product I ordered?
Please be aware that delivery normally takes between 10-28 days from the date you ordered the product.
Can I return an item to Reader's Digest?
We are committed to providing you the highest quality of product and service. You are able to return any product which does not reach your expectations within 10 days of receipt of the order. If you have made a payment towards the product, once we have received the returned product we will credit your account accordingly.
How can I return a product to Reader's Digest?
When returning a product to Reader's Digest, please remember to include the invoice you received with your product.
Returns can be sent to:
Reader's Digest
Reply Pad 6017
PO Box 6017
Chullora NSW 1405
Can I return a product that was ordered on-line from the store?
Yes, if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase you can return it.
Returns can be sent to:
Reader's Digest
Reply Pad 6017
PO Box 6017
Chullora NSW 1405
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