Front yard makeover | Pebblecrete resurface

 Redoing the driveway plus adding kerbing and a path has transformed the entrance to this coastal home 

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 A recent renovation of this house involved refinishing the tiled roof, rendering the old brickwork and replacing the front doors, although the initial impact was lost with the outdated landscaping and a pebblecrete driveway.


●1 REPLACE THE ROCKERY with a rendered retaining wall, new steps and landscaped garden beds.
●2 CREATE A PAVED PATH from the top of the steps to the driveway for safer pedestrian access.
●3 ADD KERBING to the beds either side of the driveway to frame the plants and contain the soil.
●4 RESURFACE THE DRIVEWAY to cover the exposed aggregate pebblecrete.


The surface area of this driveway measures about 150 square metres, about double the size of an average domestic driveway.
Resurfacing it was $66 a square metre, comprising primer, resurfacing compound and sealer, costing $3125, plus $6775 for labour.
THE ENTIRE JOB took 12 working days. Two landscapers took four days to remove the rockery and pour concrete footings, build the wall with the steps plus lay the paving. Building the gardens, adding plants and rendering the wall took a further two days.
The two kerbs were laid in about half a day, and concrete resurfacers took four days to prepare, finish and seal the driveway.
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