Plants and gardens trivia

How familiar are you with the world of plants?

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1. Commonly found in arid regions, which is the largest family of succulent plants (with fleshy stems and leaves swollen with water-storage tissues)?

2. What is the common name of Taraxacum officinale, a plant found throughout the world? This plant is also known as pissabed, priest’s crown and telltime. Its leaves are edible, its flowers can be made into wine and its roots brewed to make a herbal tonic. Yet it is unwelcome in many gardens.

3. Hybrid tea, floribunda, miniature and climbing are all species of which garden plant?

4. What word describes the study of plants, including the classification, structure, physiology and ecology?

5. In The Winter’s Tale, which plant did Shakespeare describe as ‘the fairest flowers o’ the season’?

6. What type of plants are sorrel, angelica and hyssop?

7. Which parasitic plant was venerated by the Druids, who cut it ceremonially from their sacred oak with a golden knife?

8. ‘Gros Vert de Laon’, ‘green globe’ and ‘Jerusalem’ are all types of which vegetable?

9. On its mutinous voyage, the Bounty had spent five months in Tahiti where it had been sent to gather what type of plants for the West Indies?

10. Calluna, erica and daboecia are three genera of which small, bushy evergreen shrub?
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