Build a sofa with chaise lounge

Build with recycled materials to save

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DIY - $780 (Have it made for $2780)
Skill - 3/5
Time - 5 days

Built from pine and plywood and upholstered with foam, wadding and fabric, the sofa and chaise lounge are 800mm wide, with the cushions removed to provide a comfortable bed, while seating with the cushions is about 500mm high by 450mm wide.

Many components of this lounge suite were found on council collection days, including timber for the frame, the hardwood feet and foam from old sofa cushions.

The plywood panels are packing sheets sold cheaply at the hardware store. And although the fabric was the most costly part it was still just $250, bought as remnants at 30% discount.

You’ll need to buy 6.5m of 1.5m-wide wadding, about $65, foam in various thickness, strong thread plus a needle for stitching the corners.

Use a sliding compound mitresaw to cut the frame and a circular saw with a straightedge to cut plywood.

How to build a sofa and chaise lounge

1. Make the frames
Butt join the crossrails over the studs to make three frames for the chaise and three for the sofa, overhanging the crossrails on one side of the sofa frames by 35mm (see Diagram 2), drill 3mm pilot holes and countersink, securing with screws.
2. Join up the frames
Stand the sofa frames vertically to secure a rail inside the frames at the front, two rails outside the frames at the back. Secure a base rail under the front and back plus a crossrail between the frames. Repeat for the chaise but position the rails inside the frames.
3. Clad the frames
On both frames secure the short sides with PVA adhesive and screws spaced 200mm apart along the top and base, then secure the long sides. On the seat base drill a series of 19mm breather holes 200mm from the edges then secure to the crossrails.
4. Cut out the notches
On the top right corner of the sofa back panel and top left corner of the chaise back panel, mark 200 x 200mm notches and cut out with a jigsaw.
TIP Cutting the notches leaves the space above the arms open.
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