Tips on Buying Organic

Follow these 3 tips to help you buy organic foods

A study published by the American Chemical Society found that organically grown fruit and vegetables contain significantly higher levels of cancer-fighting antioxidants - sometimes as much as 50% more than conventionally grown foods. It certainly fits in nicely with a well-used saying about organic food: ‘You can pay now, or pay later.'

1. Look for the certification stamp
As much as I love the romance of farmers' markets, you need to be careful that the produce you are buying is the real deal. In addition to checking that it's in good condition, hasn't passed its sell-by date and is fresh - in other words, the same principles you would apply to any sort of food shopping - you need to also make sure it bears the ‘certified organic' stamp.

2. Out with spots
Long gone are the days of spotty organic fruit. Insist upon the same quality you'd expect with non-organic food.


3. Organic is greener than you may think
Organic farming methods involve putting composts, mulch and manure directly back into the land to build up natural nutrient levels. And crop rotation means these nutrients aren't leached from overcropping. Good soil retains more water, so less is needed for irrigation. The natural environment wins from all sides.

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