4 Steps To Keep Treasured Vintage Clothing At It's Best

Cleaning antique clothing is an exercise in avoiding modern con­veniences, which are generally too harsh for fragile fabrics. This is easy-does-it handwork.

Antique Clothing

Don't take antique clothing to a regu­lar dry cleaner. The chemicals dry cleaners use are too harsh, and their pressing techniques stress the fabric too much. If you really need pro­fessional help, find a dry cleaner that spe­cializes in old fabrics.

1. The safest way to clean fragile garments
The safest way to clean fragile garments

The safest way to clean fragile garments is to give them a sponge bath.

But before you start, fix any tears in the fabric-otherwise, the stress of cleaning will make matters worse.

Then mix a squirt of mild detergent in 1 gallon (3.8 ml) of lukewarm water and dab the solution on gently with a sponge.

Rinse by sponging on clean water.

Try not to completely soak the garment. 

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