Indian Summer

Indian Summer

A mother reflects on her daughter’s overseas trip and the life-changing lessons she received from her grandmother.

Zac aged three: by then he’d worked out how to solve some of his own physical problems

My Incredible Gift

She knew her son’s condition would change their lives forever, but she didn’t realise how amazing it would be.

Malaysian-born engineer Cheong Choon Ng, inventor of the Rainbow Loom

“I Launched a Global Toy Phenomenon”

When engineer Cheong Choon Ng saw his daughters making bracelets, it led to an idea.

Illegal Immigrant

Illegal Immigrant Turned Brain Surgeon

He was an illegal immigrant making a living picking tomatoes. Now Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa excels in a different field — as a top brain surgeon.

Paperclip for a house

How one man swapped a paperclip for a house

Take two vegetarians from Vancouver, a ceramic artist from Seattle, a shock-rock legend, a TV star turned Hollywood producer, a town with an impish sense of humour, a whimsical quest dreamed up by a 25-year-old free spirit, mix them together and what do you get? One of the most improbable swaps imaginable: a paperclip for a house.


It's Never Too Late: How I Ran Away With the Circus

Volunteering his expertise to help isolated students led a delighted John Smyth into the lion’s den.