8 ways to love being single on Valentine's Day

Despite what your nosy neighbours, matchmaking aunt, or thousands of sad quotes say, being single, even on love's favourite day, can be a blast. Why simply survive February 14th when you can have a fabulous time just being you? Here are some ideas for acing the day.

1. Get a Valentine's Day reality check
Get a Valentine's Day reality check

Whether you're married or single, nothing is harder than being in a bad relationship. Sure, all love connections hit rough patches, but many cross the line, becoming detrimental to love of self, and causing long-term damage and unhappiness. Of course, love relationships often work out, and Cupid's arrow can hit even those who have been hurt before.

"Whether you're waiting for your next chance at love, or are content to remain solo, the key to being happily single on Valentine's Day is to realize that marriage is not the key to happiness," says Rich Gosse, Chairman of The Society of Single Professionals and author of eight books on the single lifestyle.

"Most unhappy singles simply don't get this obvious truth. Close to half of all marriages end in divorce, so they are obviously not happy. And millions of married couples stay together, not because they are happy, but for religious or financial reasons, or 'for the kids'.

"Once singles understand these facts, it's much easier to be happy alone on V-Day."

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