8 ways to love being single on Valentine's Day

Despite what your nosy neighbours, matchmaking aunt, or thousands of sad quotes say, being single, even on love's favourite day, can be a blast. Why simply survive February 14th when you can have a fabulous time just being you? Here are some ideas for acing the day.

3. Get amongst it
Get amongst it

Even the happily single can't help but notice that the world is full of couples, but so what? On Valentine's Day and every day, get out there like you own the world, and experience everything it has to offer.

Love the opera? Get a membership and go solo.

Into painting? There are tons of paint and sip workshops around, where you can happily join a crowd of wanna-be Picassos while enjoying a velvety glass of Merlot.

Explore your interests, and let them take you out into the world.

Anywhere you go, there are bound to be lots of other people worth meeting and getting to know.

If you feel like flirting, fine. If you feel like making a new friend, that's fine, too.

We asked our readers what friendship meant to them – here are some of our favourite responses.

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