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What Dumb Bosses Should Know

Ever worried you might have done something stupid? It’s probably nothing compared to the efforts of these bizarre bosses. Of course we’re laughing at these guys!

What Dumb Bosses Should Know

The Devil’s in the Details

It’s been a rough few years for Chilean supervisors. The head of the national mint lost his job after the country’s new 50-peso coin was released. Instead of “República de Chile”, it read “República de Chiie”. Bonus stupidity: it took about a year for the mistake to be discovered. Meanwhile, in the city of Valdivia, the nation’s first drawbridge was unveiled. Sadly, it will have to be reconstructed, since at least one deck was accidentally built upside down.

In June 2014, 15,000 staff members at Delhaize Belgium, a large European food retailer, received a letter from newly appointed CEO, Denis Knoops. He announced that the company was undergoing restructuring and that there would likely be some redundancies. Concerned for his employee’s mental welfare, he offerred them a telephone number for psychological counselling. However, the number was written incorrectly and instead of connecting to an advice line, it put unsuspecting callers through to a firm of bailiffs specialising in debt recovery. The company later apologised for the mistake.

If You Don’t Have Something Nice to Say…

I was eight months pregnant when I went to visit a former colleague in the office I had been working at until recently. I was astonished when I met my former boss and he commented how I had put on heaps of weight. “That’s normal”, I replied. “But you gained a lot. How come?” he asked. I couldn’t help laughing and said: “I am pregnant”. “Oh,” he said in embarrassment, and left. Source:

Boss to underling: “When I told you that you smelled like bacon grease, it was a compliment!” Source:

When I informed my boss that I had 2000 overtime hours and that I needed the money, he told me: “Sell your house and you will have enough money.” Source:

After I had quietly solved a crisis, my boss exclaimed: “Stop being all calm! You’re doing that thing again where you get all calm on me. Do you understand why I’m upset? I want you to be upset too.” Source:

Boss on looking at a photo of me: “Wow! What a great picture! You know how some people look so good in person but come out looking just awful in pictures? With you, it’s just the opposite.” Source:

Employees are Just Grateful to Have Jobs, Right?

“Yesterday I was fired from my work because as my boss told me I didn’t work with enough enthusiasm. I worked as a dishwasher.”

A fast-food worker in the US reported this conversation with his boss:

  • Manager: Can you stay another four hours? Your co-worker has drunk some wine and can’t come in.
  • Me: Isn’t it her wedding day today?
  • Manager: Yes. That’s why she’s been drinking.
  • Me: And you scheduled her to work today?
  • Manager: Yes.
  • Me: And you didn’t think that would be a problem?
  • Manager: No. Source:

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