The A-Z Of Fabrics And How To Wash Them

Not all fabrics are alike, and not all fabrics can be cleaned the same way.

Fabrics and How To Clean Them
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Although you should always check the care label in a particular garment, here are tips for cleaning some of the most common fabrics.


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Used often in linings because it does not pill or suffer from static cling, acetate is also made into dresses, suits and sportswear.

Most acetates are dry-clean only, but some are washable.

For the washable variety, you typically hand wash in warm water with mild suds. (Don’t soak coloured items.)

Do not wring the item dry. Instead, lay it flat to dry.

While it’s still damp, press it inside out with a cool iron.

If you are finishing the right side, use a pressing cloth.

When removing stains from acetate, never use acetone or a nail-polish remover that contains acetone.

The acetone will dissolve the fibres.

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