Types of Beef Cuts

Beef comes from steers or bullocks reared to 18 months old or from heifers not required for breeding.
Beef should be open-grained and moist with a good red colour. If it is a darker, reddish-brown, it will have been hung or aged for at least 2-3 weeks and will have a fuller, beefier flavour.
Beef is both an excellent source of zinc and a useful source of iron. It also provides vitamins from the B group (particularly B12) and is a useful source of vitamin D.
Sirloin, foreribs, topside and thick flank (top rump) are the traditional beef joints for roasting. Lean and tender fillet can also be roasted, either whole or cut into smaller joints. When buying a boneless joint allow 100-170 g (3 1/2 - 6 oz) per person, or 225-340g
(8-12 oz) for meat on the bone.
These raw weights allow for any waste in preparation and for loss of weight during cooking. An average cooked portion size is 85-100 g (3-3 1/2 oz).
cubed chuck steak 
Brisket and silverside are joints that become tender and succulent with long, slow cooking, so they are ideal for a pot roast cooked in one large piece in a casserole with liquid, vegetables and flavourings.
Fresh beef cut
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