Build a wall-mounted tool cabinet

Make a box, saw it in half then add pegboard and hinges for a combination shelving unit

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DIY - $210 (Have it done - $400)
SkIll - 3/10
Time - 4 hours

This sturdy cabinet takes just four hours to construct. Build the frame from one large 1200 x 600mm box made with 200mm-wide strips of plywood and pegboard faces. Then cut it into two smaller boxes and join them with two 610 x 20mm piano hinges, which costs about $30. Add trim around the door using 20 x 20mm corner moulding, securing with PVA adhesive and brads. Make a stacking rack for the door using dowel, then add metal standards and shelf clips to carry the shelves.

Finish with a coat of clear polyurethane, add a door latch on the side then mount onto the wall, securing to wall studs.
Tip - Have the timber supplier cut the parts for accuracy, about $2 a cut.

How to make the wall cabinet

1. Assemble the box
Butt-join the plywood base and top to the sides, securing through the sides with four screws at each join. Position the pegboard front and back to the frame with the back facing in and the front facing out, securing with brad nails or panel pins.
2. Cut the box
Mark around the sides 75mm from the front. Position a straight offcut as a guide, set the circular saw blade to 20mm-deep and align with the guide to cut. Cut a long side last, positioning shims in the top and base and securing with tape.
3. Attach the piano hinges
Position the boxes together and square up the edges. Attach the door to the cabinet with the hinges, securing with screws at the ends and using a self-centring bit to make pilot holes for the remaining screws.
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