Winners of the 99th Sweepstakes - 2010

Take a look at the winners of our latest sweepstakes receiving their cheques at a special presentation in Sydney.
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“Keep entering. It happened to me and it could happen to you!”
Mrs L. Robinson, a loyal customer for 24 years, was shopping in the supermarket when she received a phone call from Reader’s Digest to say she had won $500,000 in the Grand Prize & Bonus draw. She plans to use her prize money to buy a brand-new car, install a new kitchen and retire early.
“Stick with it and keep track of your Sweepstakes entries!”
Thank You Prize winner Mr C. Corkill has always been a keen saver but now plans a more stress-free life thanks to his $125,000 prize win.
“It’s an amazing feeling when you find out you’ve actually won a prize.”
The $30,000 Director’s Bonus prize win couldn’t have come at a better time for Mrs J. Ritchie, after recently building a new house. She plans to use her prize money to reduce the size of her mortgage.
“Just coming to Sydney is a reason to celebrate!”
$55,000 Lucky Number Giveaway winner Mrs J. Eldon from New Zealand was excited that she could bring her husband to the prize presentation as he had never been to Sydney before. She plans to invest her money wisely in term deposits.

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