Popular bathroom plants include ferns, bamboo, snake plants and spider plants. When choosing plants consider the size of your bathroom, how moisture-rich the room is (how many people shower in your bathroom on a daily basis?) and the amount of light that enters the room. Choose a plant that is best suited to your unique bathroom environment.

When it comes to situating plants in the bathroom, options are usually more limited. There’s only so much space to work with and most people aren’t keen on the idea of a jungle-bathroom. Not to worry, adding just one plant in the right location can do wonders for your bathroom.

To get you inspired, we’ve created this gallery of bathrooms with indoor plants. They all feature plants differently.

One commonality is that none of these bathrooms are overrun with plants, showing that less can be more.

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1. Plants with white flowers
1. Plants with white flowers

Plants with white flowers will pop in bathrooms that feature darker tiles.

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