Queens of Mystery Season 1

Queens of Mystery has been described by SMH as a “Cheery British murder-mystery, goes perfectly with a cup of tea”, and what better way to get through our imminent future indoors then to cosy up with a good old-fashioned British crime drama.

To celebrate the DVD release of the charming Queens of Mystery Series 1 on April 1st, there are 5 copies available for giveaway.

Queens of Mystery follows a perennially single female detective, Mattie Stone (Olivia Vinall), and her three aunts – the motherly Aunt Beth (Sarah Woodward), the rebellious Aunt Cat (Julie Graham), and the book smart Aunt Jane (Siobhan Redmond) – who are well-known crime writers that help her solve whodunit style murders, as well as set her up on blind dates.

In addition to her weekly murder investigations, Mattie is also preoccupied by the fact that her mother Eleanor disappeared without a trace when Mattie was three. The ongoing mystery of Eleanor’s disappearance continues to haunt the Stone women.

Watch the trailer here.

For your chance to win one of five season 1 DVDS of Queens of Mystery, simply answer the question below and submit your entry. Good luck!

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Queens of Mystery DVD Competition

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