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THE DROWNING is out NOW thanks to Acorn Media.

When Jodie catches sight of Daniel, a teenage boy, she is convinced she has found her missing son. Whether she is right or not, in that moment her spark of hope is ignited, and she commits to a dangerous and transgressive path that will take her to the edge of reason. How far will she go? How far would any of us go to find a missing child? Jill Halfpenny (Three GirlsDark MoneyLiar) plays Jodie. Since losing her son eight years ago she has been rebuilding her life but when she catches sight of Daniel it threatens to up-end the life that she has carefully pieced back together.

Jonas Armstrong (The BayRipper StreetLine of Duty) is Jason, Jodie’s only sibling, the only real support she has had in her life. Always in control, he is a practising lawyer, on the cusp of a huge promotion. Deborah Findlay (The SplitSilent WitnessCransford) plays Lynn, Jodie’s mother, with whom she has a fractious relationship. Cody Molko plays Daniel the boy Jodie becomes fixated with and Rupert Penry-Jones (WhitechapelSilksStan Lee’s Lucky Man) plays his father Mark, an architect that keeps a tight rein on his emotions and on his son’s life.

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