Satanists sacrifice black cats on Halloween

Satanists sacrifice black cats on Halloween

The problem with this urban legend is that it’s based on a number of partial truths and inconclusive claims. In ancient and medieval times, some ritual sacrifices supposedly involved cats and other domestic animals. And black cats have long been associated with bad luck and witchcraft. These days, however, there’s no indication (and definitely no proof) that Satanic cults are roaming the streets, looking for black cats to sacrifice on Halloween or any other day.

Still, some animal-adoption agencies in the US believe that there is a rise in cat-related deaths and mutilations around Halloween and have subsequently banned black-cat adoptions until after it’s over. That said, animal experts say that you should worry more about the dangers that Halloween treats pose to your furry friends. Chocolate and lollies sweetened with xylitol, for example, can be toxic to them.

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