High School Musical

High School Musical

A little over ten years ago, High School Musical, a Disney Channel Original Movie, premiered on the network and kids of all ages went absolutely ga-ga for it. So much so that a sequel quickly went into production and the third was a feature film released in cimemas in 2008. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing the catchy tunes made famous by the movies. A decade later, it’s Descendants that reign supreme on the Disney Channel. Apparently, for High School Musical, we were only ‘All In This Together’ for a few years.

Find out which movies have hilarious titles in other countries.

Wide belts

Wide belts

If you were an on-trend tween or teen, you likely paired every outfit with an extra-wide belt. They accessorised absolutely everything and were spotted on many a red carpet from the Kardashians to Taylor Swift. Today’s fashionistas are opting for a more normal standard belt width.

There was nothing ‘fad’ about Jackie Kennedy’s style, read on to steal her timeless elegance.

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