Build Timber Covers for Wheelie Bins

The Sekit flat-packed system, from Bunnings (, uses ACQ treated pine and takes an hour to assemble, fitting 120 and 240 litre bins.

A single bin cover measures 670 x 810 x 1200mm, and the double is 1340 x 810 x 1200mm.

Simple latch bolts keep the doors secured and a chain joins the bin handles to the covers so both lids are raised simultaneously, making rubbish disposal much more hygienic.

TIP – To remove the bins on collection day, unhook the lid chains before opening the doors.A chain connects the bin

ASSEMBLE THE FRAME positioning the dividing frame against the side panels and adding the front and back supports, securing with the supplied screws. Square up the frame and secure the two diagonal back supports.

INSTALL THE LIDS by aligning the holes on the lid with the holes in the frame then insert the supplied bolts, securing the outside bolts with the washer and nut and the inside bolts using a Phillips head screwdriver.

ATTACH THE DOORS by aligning the top hinge and securing with a screw at the top, attach the base hinge, checking the door is parallel with the side then secure the second screw at the top and attach the latch bolts.

Build Timber Covers for Wheelie Bins

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