How to Install a Towel Rail

STEP 1 : Mark the fixing points
Assemble the towel rail and measure between fixing points. Run wide masking tape along the tiles and use a spirit level to draw a straight line on the tape. Measure and mark the spacing of the lugs on the line.

Attach the lugs

STEP 2 : Attach the lugs
Select a sharp masonry bit to match the size of the supplied plastic plugs and fix to a power drill. Using the drill setting, apply pressure to slowly drill through the tiles. Tap the plugs into place and screw in the lugs.

Attach the rail

STEP 3 : Attach the rail
Slide the rail sleeves over either end of the rail and over the lugs. Tighten the pair of screws at each end with the supplied key. TIP: The small allen key nuts are hidden from view on the underside of the sleeves.

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