Vegemite returns as Australia's ‘Most Iconic’ brand
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In 2018, trust is a more precious commodity than ever. This year we’ve witnessed the stark realities of our national cricket team losing our collective trust, doing untold damaged to a long established brand and resulting in the loss of tens-of-millions of dollars in revenue. As that fallout continues to play out, the annual list of the names, products and services we trust the most has just been revealed.

The independently conducted Trusted Brands survey – appearing exclusively in Australian Reader’s Digest – has polled more than 2,400 people to reveal Australia’s Most Trusted Brands of 2018.

“As we’ve seen so clearly this year, trust can be hard earned and easily lost, and it can definitely be the difference between success and failure,” notes Australian Reader’s Digest Group Editor, Louise Waterson.

“It is built on quality, consistency, honesty and delivering on your promise. Trust matters, and congratulations to those who have managed to earn it. They enjoy a hard-fought competitive advantage in this day and age.

“This is our 19th annual Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey, and the importance of trust – in a digital age influenced by social media tribes – seems to get more important each and every year.”


1) Band-Aid

2) Dettol (First Aid)

3) Colgate (Toothpaste)

4) Gillette

5) Dulux

6) Dyson

7) Energizer

8) Cadbury

9) Weber

10) Bridgestone

11) Panadol

12) Aerogard (Body Insect Repellent)

13) Listerine

14) Vegemite

15) Cancer Council (Sunscreen)

For the full Trusted Brands Australia 2018 results, click here.

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