Some of us may not have the greenest of thumbs, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying all the benefits of houseplants.

Not only are there plenty of low-maintenance houseplants to grow, houseplants add living beauty to your space and help purify the air, giving you a boost in both body and spirit.

(Though do keep in mind that some houseplants are toxic to pets or children, so check children’s health websites before incorporating houseplants into your home.)

These ten hard-to-kill houseplants will flourish under the care of even the most forgetful gardeners.

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1. Philodendron
1. Philodendron

Add a subtle touch of burgundy or golden yellow to your living space with the wide, waxy leaves of philodendron. Try the varieties McColley’s Finale or Prince of Orange for colorful philodendron that are low-fuss. This houseplant can grow quickly, though, so keep it well groomed by trimming it back, staking upright types or winding the foliage around itself.

Why we love it: There are two types of philodendron: vining and non-climbing, so it’s a cinch to pick the type that best suits your space. It also accents other plants wonderfully.

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