In some areas of Australia and New Zealand, winter is a season of ample rainfall and cool temperatures that can be enjoyed in the company of numerous garden plants.

Although many plants slip into dormancy where winters are mild, there are plenty of evergreen trees, shrubs and perennials, as well as hardy annuals, that will keep the garden vibrantly alive with greenery and flowers through the slow season.

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The right time to landscape?
The right time to landscape?

If you are developing a new landscape, winter may not be slow at all. I

n many mild-winter climates, autumn is the preferred planting season for perennials and evergreens, both large and small.

When planted in the autumn, these plants will benefit from the cool temperatures and winter rains.

By the time the hot weather returns the following summer, they are comfortably settled in with strong, deep roots established in the soil.

In addition, autumn is the best time for dividing some perennials, such as daylilies, which can become crowded if they have spent several years in the same spot.

When divided at the appropriate time, they will be well rooted and ready to bloom when spring arrives.

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