Being a doctor and particularly one on TV, I care about Evidence. So whether I am talking about treatments for heart disease or skin care, I look for the best available evidence as published in respected, peer-reviewed medical journals.

In 2012 I had to admit that my skin, that wasn’t great to start with was starting to look a little aged! As usual I turned to the evidence for a solution. But when it came to skin care, I simply couldn’t find a skin care range that was made according to the best available evidence. Instead I found marketing fluff and a lot of claims.

But surely there are other evidence-based products out there…… During business development we analysed a random selection of 700 products in a large skin care store. We found that only 1% of them contained ingredients that may have been used at the concentrations and in the formulations supported by evidence! And no brands had more than a fifth of their products being evidence based. There were actually quite a few products that included evidence-based ingredients but at concentrations below the levels for which there is evidence or at high concentrations requiring buffering agents which render the active ingredient – inactive…!?

That means that with only 1% of the products could users have any (scientifically validated) confidence that they would get good results!
So together with my husband Daniel we started an anti-aging skin care company. We worked with doctors, dermatologists and scientists, to formulate and manufacture an Australian based range of skin care products based on the best available published scientific evidence. Originally the products were distributed only through medical practitioners, but in 2017 we expanded the range to launch ESK with three simple principles:

ESK products use ingredients that are proven in the most rigorous scientific testing to be the best at slowing and reversing the process of skin aging (and assisting in the management of some common skin conditions).
What that means is that rather than trying to convince you that some proprietary ingredient that we have that no-one else uses (or can test) is the best, we selected evidence-based ingredients. That means that they have been extensively and independently studied in respected peer-review medical journals. The strange thing is that even though the information is all freely available, no-one was using it. Either because they didn’t look or because it’s not easy (many evidence-based ingredients are expensive, hard to source or unstable).

In a market soaking in marketing hype and pseudo-science I just got annoyed that so many companies could trade on our insecurities! But with the availability of scientific evidence we believed that we could develop products designed to deliver consistently impressive results. So instead of well-crafted marketing messages, we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. If our customers aren’t happy with the products and results, then neither are we.

We like to sleep well at night. So integrity and being ethical is core to what we do. To us, using Evidence based ingredients is the first and necessary piece, without which we wouldn’t have started. But there is more, and it includes:
• Being cruelty free
• Using recyclable packaging where possible
• Excluding all known and suspected harmful ingredients
• Being Perfume free
• Uses airless opaque bottles to maximise ingredient efficacy, shelf life and reduce the need for preservatives
• And being Australian made
• Ensuring that our customers get the right products for their skin – we have a skin care tool that helps prescribe a regime that is tailored to their skin
• And finally – following up to make sure that the products being used are well tolerated and doing their job (and replacing or refunding them where necessary).

What does that all mean?
ESK is our ethical, effective skin care based on the highest quality evidence. So whether you concerns are fine lines and wrinkles and skin roughness



Or Acne and pore size

There’s a good chance that we have a regime that can help. (And if we can’t and you’re not happy you won’t be out of pocket).

So here are my top evidence-based tips for skin care – particularly as we age

  1. I wouldn’t consider leaving Vitamin C off my skin care regime. It repairs and protects from sun damage. The problem is finding one that gets the evidence tick. Look for 10% concentration L-Ascorbic acid (only!), water in oil emulsion, airless and light protected bottle (like my personal favourite, Reverse C Serum).
  2. An effective form of Vitamin A will reduce wrinkles and increase suppleness (it’s also good for managing breakouts). That means either Tretinion on prescription from your doctor or Retinal/Retinaldehyde in your skincare (as found in our “hero products” Ultimate A and Ultimate A+). (NOT Retinol).
  3. A leave on hydroxy (Glycolic and Lactic) acid serum, about 5% concentration, is amazing for smoothing the skin (that’s in our Smooth Serum).
  4. Niacinamide reduces ages spots and wrinkles and improves skin barrier function ( in a few of our products including Enlighten, B Calm and B Quenched).
  5. A high-quality Zinc (not chemical) based sunscreen with high UVA filters (Remember UV: A for aging and B for burning). This is for use every day including winter (like our highly rated Zinc Shade which doubles as a primer).
  6. A good quality soap free cleanser that won’t inflame or dry out your skin (Hydroxy Cleanse and Calming Cleanse). And finally
  7. Avoid perfumes and potentially irritating preservative ingredients (eg. MHT) in your skin care

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