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You’re no slouch
You’re no slouch
Remie Geoffroi

Want to improve your posture? Try these five easy tips from fitness expert Amanda Vogel.

The better your posture is, the stronger and more comfortable you’ll feel standing in line at the supermarket, lifting heavy boxes or sitting at your desk. Attaining great posture goes beyond staving off a slouch (although that’s part of it). It’s about achieving the correct body alignment for minimising strain and tightness and moving more efficiently.

The payoff to proper posture? Less pain in your neck, shoulders and back – vulnerable spots that can bear the brunt of poor alignment. Good posture also helps strengthen weak muscles, which will reduce the possibility of harm from overuse or strenuous activity. Less obvious benefits include better breathing (an upright torso allows your diaphragm to open fully) and a boost in confidence (holding yourself a little taller can promote self-assurance).

But where to start? Since poor posture leads to extraneous wear and tear on your joints and soft tissue, the first step to banishing bad posture is sizing up which of your daily habits are problematic. Awareness of your positions helps you correct them. To that end, follow this guide for perfecting postures linked to everyday activities.

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