It's important to seek help
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It's important to seek help

Continence NZ was established to provide caregivers, health professionals and the general public with information and education on continence topics. In the past, people with continence problems have been too embarrassed or unable to access appropriate help and, in the majority of cases, suffered in silence.

Starting small in 1992, our annual public awareness campaign has developed into an effective method of promoting awareness of continence problems and providing access to professional help. This has been greatly assisted by the establishment of a national toll free 0800 Helpline. We also have a role in lobbying government to provide access to standardised continence services throughout New Zealand.

One in four New Zealanders currently suffer from some form of incontinence, and it can have a devastating impact on quality of life. We regularly hear from people who are too embarrassed to ask for help or, who think incontinence is something that they just have to live with.

At Continence NZ we know that when people seek help, 70 to 80 per cent of cases of incontinence can be managed or even cured. Sadly, only one-third of sufferers actually seek help.

During our Awareness Week, from 17-23 June, we are encouraging people from all corners of the community to talk about incontinence. Our amazing continence educator and registered nurse, Janet, is available to take your calls on our helpline on Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 5pm.

Please, don’t be shy. Feel free to visit or call Janet on 0800 650 659 if you have anything you wish to discuss. We’re here to help.

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