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International health emergency
International health emergency
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It’s no exaggeration to say that diabetes is an international health emergency. It is estimated that 422 million people are living with diabetes all over the world. Type 1 diabetes, caused by an immune system attack on the pancreas, usually strikes younger people and follows them through their lives. Type 2 is more common and is caused by resistance to the hormone insulin, which tells the body to absorb blood sugar.

Worldwide, some 350 million people exhibit signs of prediabetes, which means they have a one-in-ten chance of developing type 2 diabetes if not treated.

But here’s the good news: over just the past few years, a remarkable number of diabete treatments, from medications to surgical solutions to high-tech devices, have shown promise. It’s too soon to declare ­victory, but these smart lifestyle tips and medical breakthroughs have given ­people with diabetes winning strategies for today and considerable hope for the future. Separating diabetes myths from truths.

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