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Let's get physical
Let's get physical
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Taking up a hobby during a holiday or short break can have a huge amount of health benefits, one of which is a calorific workout.

To find out exactly which popular leisure activities and pastimes can help you burn off the most calories, attraction pass website iVenture Card crunched the numbers and came up with the following Top Ten – each one ranked in order of the number of calories the average person can expect to burn off within an hour.

For ease of reference, the calculations have been done twice – once for the ladies, and once for the men – so you can see how much a 70kg person would burn, and again for a larger, more burly and typically male 90kg holidaymaker.

Beyond the ten pictured here, we’ve also included a chart of the Top 25 calorie-burning leisure activities on the last slide, just in case you want to have more options for fun and adventure. Enjoy!

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