12 Weight Loss Hacks That You Can Do Right Now

One frustrating thing about trying to lose weight is the snail's pace at which the pounds seem to drop off.

12 Weight Loss Hacks That You Can Do Right Now

The more weight you lose, the harder your body fights to hold on to the calories it gets and the fewer calories it burns.

But what if you could turbo-change your weight loss efforts?

You can by boosting your metabolism with these helpful tips.

1. Try Interval Training
1. Try Interval Training

Walk for the same mount of time at the same intensity day in and day out and your body will get as bored with your workout as you do.

Throw in some variety with interval training, which involves changing the intensity of your workout throughout your exercise session.

Every 5 minutes of your walk, jog for 1 minute. Every 5 minutes of your bike ride, shift into a higher gear and pedal hard for a minute.

If you swim, speed up every other length.

You’ll burn more calories in the same amount of time.

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