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Perhaps you have a demanding job, are surrounded by stressful people, have constant family demands; but you are not coping as well as you used to? You may need more and more stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine or sugar just to keep up the pace. You may have aches and pains or frequent headaches that never used to be there and start to rely on pain killers more often. You may find that the sense of exhaustion is overwhelming, which produces anxiety and you come to need alcohol every night to feel normal. Your skin may be looking blotchy, your eyes may be duller and the bouncy vibrant old you, is hard to find. You may find it impossible to control your weight and be developing a roll of fat around your upper abdomen, even though you are not eating any more than before. Your immune system may be overloaded resulting in more frequent infections and/or allergies.
These are common signs that your liver and gut are overloaded with toxins from your diet and lifestyle, as well as your environment.

On a daily basis, our bodies are bombarded with an array of toxins, volatile organic compounds, chemicals and heavy metals that they have to process and remove. Whether you’re raising a family at home, working in an office, a holiday goer or spend a large percentage of the day sitting in traffic jams, you can bet your bottom dollar that you are absorbing toxins via your skin, intestines and lungs.

We are exposed to toxins through:

  • Occupation: Farmers, mechanics, hairdressers, nail technicians, painters, printers etc have a higher exposure to chemicals.
  • Petrochemicals: Plastic containers and wraps, outgassing from new furniture, houses and cars and packaged foods, cleaning products, pesticides and herbicides
  • Artificial additives such as colours and preservatives found in processed foods
  • Beauty and personal care products: Have you ever read the label on your shampoo bottle?
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Some medications

Even when you’re parking your car, you’re exposed to toxins! If you eat too much sugar you may have a fatty liver and this means your liver is not efficient at breaking down many of these toxins. This continual toxin overload overwhelms the liver, gut and immune system which become unable to break down and remove all these toxins from your body. These toxins build up in the body, causing damage and inflammation to cells, which can lead to a whole range of negative mental and physical symptoms.

The Dr Cabot 15 Day Cleanse

Dr Sandra Cabot has created a 15-day cleanse program to help you breakdown and eliminate toxins from your body. The Dr Cabot 15-Day Cleanse is a gentle but powerful detox plan for your entire body. It works on your liver, gut and immune system to reduce inflammation and acidity in the body. By targeting these areas, the Dr Cabot 15 Day Cleanse will help to reduce the symptoms of toxicity. Dr Cabot’s 15 day program will give your whole body a “Good Spring Cleanse “and after 15 days you will see the improvement on the outside and the inside. The program consists of three cleansing powders to take daily, complimented by a healthy detoxifying meal plan.

The Cleanse Powders

  • Ultimate Liver Cleanse: Combines 28 superfoods, antioxidants, herbs, greens, vitamins and minerals, to detoxify your liver and boost your immune system. It is 60% vegan protein from golden peas so can double up as your protein shake as well as your superfood and greens – all in one!
  • Ultimate Body Cleanse: Combines alkalising greens, pH balancing minerals and antioxidants to reduce acidity in the body, calm inflammation and support cell health.
  • Ultimate Gut Cleanse: Combines nourishing amino acids, soothing fibres and liver probiotics to cleanse, soothe and repair the gut lining.

The Cabot Cleanse Food

The 15-day food plan utilises fresh, natural, wholefood ingredients that will nourish and detoxify your body throughout the cleanse. The recipes are free of gluten, sugar and dairy and are delicious and easy to make. You can make the recipes yourself, or you have the option of getting a healthy, 15-day food program ready-made and delivered to your door.

What are some of the benefits from doing the Dr Cabot 15 Day Cleanse?

  • Increased and long-lasting energy
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Boosted immune system
  • Weight loss becomes much easier
  • Reduced intestinal bloating and gas and better digestion
  • Reduced reflux
  • Improved mental clarity and mood
  • Regular bowel motions
  • Reduced aches, pains and headaches
  • Clearer and glowing skin and brighter eyes

Many people battle with fatigue, and/or annoying and seemingly mysterious health complaints for which their doctor can find no serious or obvious cause, or they just find it is impossible to control their weight. This is because no-one thinks about the liver working 24/7 trying to keep your body free of toxic overload – it is vitally important to focus on the liver if you want to change your life from ordinary health to exceptional health.

During your cleanse you can rely on us for support and guidance – our team consists of highly experienced naturopaths and nutritionists. If you have any questions or need motivation, or inspiration email us or phone us.

Visit or call (+61) 2 4655 8855 for more information.

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