Local resident Mabel Wilson wishes she had found the ‘paperless’ bidet toilet seat years ago.

“It’s marvelous” she says. “I’ve always wanted a bidet in my bathroom. I had heard that a bidet would assist me, as my arthritis and bad back had made going to the loo an onerous task. I had been held back by the cost and space required by a stand-alone unit”.

Mabel says her luck changed when she saw an ad in a paper a few months ago placed by The BIDET SHOP® for the bidet toilet seat.

It read, ‘This bidet simply replaces your existing toilet seat and will automatically clean you without toilet paper’, and also it said ‘funding options and payment plans available’.

After reading that, Mabel said she was so excited that she decided to call The BIDET SHOP® to find out more about this bidet toilet seat. She spoke to a helpful gentleman who explained that apart from the comfort factors of a heated seat and other great ideas incorporated into the bidet, it also has many health benefits.

He then said how the seat worked and pointed out that once you had finished doing your business, “You simply press the bottom wash or feminine wash button and the bidet provides a stream of warm water to clean you thoroughly. The in-built fan then dries you off with warm air, without the need for toilet paper”.

Mabel said that although The BIDET SHOP® offered to send out a brochure pack, she decided to order a bidet toilet seat straight away. Well it arrived few days later at no extra charge… Her local plumber installed the seat for her, it was just as simple as she had been told, it fitted perfectly on her original toilet bowl.

Mabel said the bidet is the best investment she had made in her personal health and hygiene in years and no longer finds going to the loo an issue.

“Give it a go”, she says,
“I did and I couldn’t be happier”.

For more info or to purchase, call The BIDET SHOP® on 1300 138 365

This article is sponsored content in conjunction with The Bidet Shop.

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